Youth @ Infotec — April 16
8:30 AM – 1:15 PM


Registration has now closed for Youth@Infotec 2014.  We’re looking forward to hosting faculty and students to this FREE fun and engaging technology event!  The morning will begin with Infotec keynote Tan Le, who will introduce the audience to Emotiv’s fascinating brainwave technology.  Students will then attend two youth themed break-out sessions of their choice, followed by the Infotec Tech Feud Luncheon.  Students must register for their sessions in advance.  Sessions will fill up quickly — register today!

Scribbler Robots — (Northwest Missouri State University):  Scribbler robots are a terrific way to learn about programing, robotics, and have fun, all at the same time!  In this workshop, you will learn how to make a robot dance, sing, draw, recite a speech, and much more.  This session is perfect for those with little or no previous programming experience.

Connect the Dots — Explore IT Careers! (UNL 4H Extension):  Are you interested in creating new video games or software programs?  Or maybe even designing graphics?  This workshop will describe the many options available to you and what you need to achieve your desired career path in the IT field.

Speed Networking Mix-it-Up (AITP):  Ever heard of speed dating?  Though you won’t be looking for love at this session, you will get to know more about careers in IT in this fun, energetic, fast paced session!

Try IT Zone:  “Look but don’t touch” doesn’t apply here!  See, experience, and try some unique and innovative technology gadgets that you won’t find anywhere else!

Are You a Hacker? (Ron Woerner, Bellevue University):  If not, want to learn?  This interactive session provides youth attendees with multiple examples of IT security with an emphasis on the different hacking techniques.  The presenter will teach how to exploit weaknesses in order to understand how to secure critical information.  You will also discuss how to  protect yourself online.  Don’t worry, ethics are included!

The Gaming Dude (Kendrick Vaughns):  How did a background in IT lead this man to create his own business?  Get to know The Gaming Dude, and learn about how skills in IT can lead to a unique career.  Tour Mr. Vaughns’ customized video game bus as well!

Sphero Programming:  Spheros are round, rolling robots that can be programmed and controlled with a smart phone or tablet.  If you enjoy programming and want to try something fun and creative, this session is for you!  Be sure to bring your iPad or iPhone with you to the conference to control your Sphero!

Coding — It’s Fun!:  Have you heard the buzz about Hour of Code and why coding is an important skill?  Come try it out for yourself — no experience needed!  At this hands-on session, you will meet some IT professionals who will show you some fun ways to learn how to code, whether you’re a beginner or have some experience in a programming language.